Eco Committee

A new Eco Committee has been set up, with children from Years 2-Year 6. The children volunteered to be part of the committee and were selected by their class. Being part of the Eco Committee allows children to work together to achieve different action targets. 

As a committee the children have come up with an Eco code which will be shared with the rest of the school. The children are working towards their environmental review and they will work on individual targets which will be carefully monitored, evaluated and reviewed. Some targets may include waste minimisation, increasing biodiversity and recycling materials. 

Eco members

Year 6P – Luca and Ripley

Year 6H – Shania and Riley

Year 5H – Keane and Lilly May

Year 5J – Abel and Scarlett

Year 4R – Winter and Rodrigo

Year 4S – Amelia and Jenson

Year 3M – Alfie and Emily

Year 3W – Lexi and Noah

Year 2W – Hannah Grace and Alffie

Year 2H – Matilda and Jaxon