Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee

A curriculum committee was set up with our current head boy and head girl. Pupils then applied to be a part of the committee and were interviewed by Liam and Emily ( head boy / head girl). Once set up, the committee have been working on a range of different initiatives. So far pupils have created welcome posters in a range of different languages, have helped to produce ‘Ysgol Carreg Hir 50 things and are developing videos for pupils and parents about our school. Watch this space for the finished videos.

Committee members

Year 6H – Emily, Liam and Kadence

Year 6P – Jayden, Jasmine and Bailey

Year 2H – Ivy and Charlie

Year 2W – Paigton and Harry

Year 3W –Miya-Betty, Bonnie and Kai

Year 3M – Devon

Year 4S – Joseph, Alice and Afia

Year 4R –Izzie, Lilliana and Jazmin

Year 5J – Eva

Year 5H – Jamie and Lily-Jade